Exclusive Varieties

MedReleaf has an extensive list of cannabis varieties reported to help with numerous medical conditions. Many of these are exclusive to MedReleaf, including the well-researched and highly regarded Avidekel and Midnight from our partners in Israel, Tikun Olam.


Commitment to Science & Research

With an extensive research and plant breeding program, and regular patient monitoring and data analysis, MedReleaf is focused on accelerating our understanding of the numerous benefits of medical cannabis, and on validating new treatment options for patients.


ISO 9001:2008 Certified

MedReleaf is the first and only medical cannabis producer in Canada to be officially certified ISO 9001:2008. ISO 9001:2008 is an international standard of requirements for Quality Management System (QMS) and recognizes superior levels of quality in both products and services. Our particular accreditation uniquely spans multiple disciplines including R&D, processing, distribution and customer service processes. MedReleaf is truly setting The Medical Grade Standard.


Industry Leading Expertise

Our master growers and horticulture experts bring more than 100 years of combined experience in the highly specialized and delicate art of growing medical cannabis. Our team includes experienced leaders in the fields of molecular plant genetics, biotechnology, horticulture, clinical laboratory operations, nursing, hospital administration and quality assurance who have come to this industry to advance the science of cannabis and to improve treatment options for Canadians.


Registered Nurses to Help Guide and Inform

MedReleaf’s Patient Care Coordinator team includes Registered Nurses who are available to provide advice and guidance to both patients and Health Care Practitioners. Our knowledgeable team is available to work with you to ensure the best possible outcomes every step of the way.


Growing Facilities

As the demand for premium medical cannabis continues to rise, MedReleaf facilities have been growing apace. In addition to our original site in Markham, where the company is still headquartered, we now have operations in Bradford and Exeter – over 1.25 million square feet of indoor and greenhouse cultivation capacity – making MedReleaf one of Canada’s largest and most diverse licensed producers.

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