Would you like to be part of an inspired, inclusive and empowered team in an emerging industry?

Are you ready to dive into an open and collaborative environment where every voice matters and employee satisfaction is a critical measure of organizational success?

Come work with us as we pursue our corporate mission: advancing the science of medical cannabis while upholding high standards of quality and consistency.

Benefits of joining the MedReleaf team:

  • Challenging and fulfilling work
  • Inclusive and supportive workplace environment
  • Competitive salaries and comprehensive rewards program
  • Exceptional opportunities for advancement
    • Many positions are exclusively posted internally
  • Innovative employee programs
    • Enhanced maternity/paternity leave and new-parent support programs
    • Two-way annual performance reviews and ongoing performance feedback
  • Broad offering of corporate discounts

Are you ready for a new and challenging opportunity with MedReleaf?

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We are part of the greater Aurora family, so you will be redirected to their Career page. MedReleaf roles are based in the Markham and Bradford locations! Keep an eye out on the location when you are applying.

We can’t wait for you to join the A-Team!

The Selection Process

Once you have submitted your application, you will want to know what to expect. Our recruitment and hiring process is fair, open and respectful. It is as much about you getting to know us as it is about us getting to know you.

Submit application

MedReleaf thanks all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected to continue in the recruitment process will be contacted. Pursuant to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code, MedReleaf will accommodate all applicants with disabilities to the point of undue hardship during the recruitment and hiring process. Accommodation will be provided upon request and in accordance with the principles of dignity, individualization and inclusion. Medreleaf will work cooperatively and in a spirit of respect with all partners in the accommodation process.

Phone interview

We will conduct an initial interview by phone to get to know you better and see if our expectations align.

In-person interview

If your expectations align with ours, we will invite you to our office for an in-person interview (or multiple interviews).

Selection decision

We will aim to update you on our selection decision within a few weeks of your interview(s).

An Amazing Work Experience

Most people spend more time at work than they do with their families and friends, or even sleeping. Because of that, we feel compelled to create an exceptional working environment for our employees. We collaborate continuously with our employees and managers to develop remarkable employee programs and experiences. We realize that great employees have a lot of employers to choose from. It is a MedReleaf priority to be an employer of choice in the communities in which we operate.

Cultivating Success: Our Company Culture

We are leaders in the cannabis industry because of our people and our culture.

Our corporate culture is a real competitive advantage. In a few short years, we have grown from a tiny start-up to an agile operation, powered by talented individuals working in tandem. Each and every one of us is committed to fostering the culture that makes MedReleaf such a great place to work, thrive and grow.

The core elements of our culture are outlined in a charter that guides program and policy development, employee conduct and performance, and organizational decision-making.

MedReleaf Cultural Charter:

  1. Product quality, patient safety and consumer safety are imperative and will never be compromised.
  2. Employee safety, employee engagement and job satisfaction are priorities for all members of the organization.
  3. The organization will show respect, compassion and appreciation for our employees, and all employees will show respect for one another at all times.
  4. Rules, processes and policies must exist to serve a genuine business need; employees must actively prevent bureaucracy in order to remain agile.
  5. Employees will collaborate and communicate with one another across all departments and levels of the organization; the organization will remain as flat as possible.
  6. Feedback, ideas, proposals and suggestions are evaluated based on merit exclusively.
  7. MedReleaf and the MedReleaf team members understand that under the Code of Conduct, they must comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the Corporation’s activities.
  8. Safe and responsible innovation and experimentation are encouraged; the company believes that experimentation will lead to success and understands that not all experiments will be successful.
  9. Transparency, honesty, openness and candour are required by everyone in the organization in order to ensure that important information and any concerns are shared across the organization.
  10. All employees are deeply invested in the success of the organization and will protect the organization wherever possible; employees make profitability and market leadership a priority.

Accommodation Policy

MedReleaf will support the accommodation of employees and job applicants who require workplace accommodation under any of the grounds described in the Ontario Human Rights Code. Currently, discrimination in employment is prohibited on the following grounds:

  1. Age
  2. Ancestry
  3. Colour
  4. Race
  5. Citizenship
  6. Ethnic origin
  7. Place of origin
  8. Creed
  9. Disability
  10. Family status
  11. Marital status
  12. Gender identity
  13. Gender expression
  14. Record of offences
  15. Sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding)
  16. Sexual orientation

MedReleaf will work to achieve a workplace free of barriers by providing accommodation for the needs of individuals based on a protected ground, up to the point where it causes undue hardship for the organization.

MedReleaf has adopted this policy to ensure that our employees and job applicants are provided with meaningful employment with our organization and to align with our commitment to ensuring a discrimination-free workplace.


The approach taken by MedReleaf in the provision of reasonable accommodation shall include:

  • Personalized plans designed to meet the specific needs of individuals
  • Collaborative practices in the creation and implementation of accommodation plans, through consultation with all relevant stakeholders, the person to be accommodated and medical professionals (where applicable)
  • An approach that ensures confidentiality, to the extent appropriate in the circumstances and as required by law, and the dignity of the individual seeking accommodation

Employees requesting accommodation must comply with all other relevant company policies throughout their accommodation request.

If an employee requests accommodation in the form of time-off from work, they are expected to provide as much notice as possible to their immediate supervisor and a member of the HR team.

Duty to Accommodate

MedReleaf will work to ensure that individuals who require accommodation based on a protected ground are able to work effectively, by making adjustments or modifications to the work or the work environment, up to the point of undue hardship. MedReleaf will work with the individual requesting accommodation, in an effort to ensure that the measures taken are reasonable, effective and determined based on consultation between impacted parties.


Accommodation shall be provided for individuals who require that the work be modified or adjusted to address their needs, based on a protected ground of discrimination under applicable human rights legislation.

MedReleaf will provide reasonable accommodation as appropriate, using a consultative approach that involves the company, the individual, and as appropriate, any applicable representatives, healthcare professionals (where applicable) and other third parties that are required to assist in the accommodation process. All parties are expected to work together to determine the most appropriate form(s) of accommodation to meet the needs of the individual. Accommodation may be temporary or permanent, based on the requirements of the individual and their job.

Shared Obligations

The process of accommodating individuals is a shared obligation of both MedReleaf and the employee:

  1. It is the responsibility of the employee requiring accommodation to make the accommodation request to the company and cooperate throughout the accommodation process.
  2. The company will initiate the consultative accommodation analysis process promptly after receiving the employee’s request and determine what, if any, reasonable accommodation can be provided.

Creating Accommodation Plans

MedReleaf shall create an accommodation plan and attempt to determine alternative methods of achieving the requirements for success in the position.

In the creation of an accommodation plan, the company shall:

  1. Identify the need for accommodation.
  2. Determine objectives for performance and/or job requirements, key outputs and key objectives of the role, as well as potential barriers.
  3. Create a plan for achieving the objectives in an alternative manner.
  4. Examine the options for accommodation and select the most appropriate avenue.
  5. Implement the accommodation process.
  6. Provide training as appropriate.
  7. Review and revise based on feedback.

Employees are encouraged to notify the Vice President of HR at any time if they have concerns about the accommodation process or implementation of the accommodation plan.

Accommodating Job Applicants

MedReleaf will meet all legislative requirements in providing accommodation to job applicants as well as employees.

Any applicant to MedReleaf who communicates the need for accommodation shall have the request considered in a manner that is non-discriminatory and respectful of our human rights obligations as well as our obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Undue Hardship

MedReleaf shall work to provide workplace accommodation up to the point of undue hardship. Undue hardship may occur where it is established that no forms of reasonable accommodation exist, or where accommodation cannot be provided short of undue hardship to MedReleaf.

If any clarification or additional information is required, please contact your immediate supervisor to arrange a training session.

MedReleaf encourages individuals to make any needs for accommodation known to HR and to work cooperatively with the company throughout the accommodation assessment and planning process.


To request accommodation or inquire about working at MedReleaf, please contact our HR team via email at hr@medreleaf.com.