Registration is quick and easy. Click Here for the necessary documents and detailed instructions.

Once your completed forms are received, we will review them and if necessary, we may call to confirm some of the details. Once you are registered as a patient and your medical document has been validated we will send a confirmation letter. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Yes. MedReleaf wants as many people who can benefit from our medical cannabis to have reasonable access to it. Please click here to read about our Financial Releaf Program.

Our cannabis products have been priced competitively with a focus on quality. We have a range of products at various price points designed to cater to different patient needs. Please review our products and pricing. Browse our products.

We offer up to 20 different varieties at any one time to meet out the various needs of our patients. Our knowledgeable Patient Care Team, including Registered Nurses, are available to determine which variety, or varieties, are best for a patient’s specific needs.

Since the very first batch produced in 2014, all of MedReleaf’s products have always been tested by independent, third-party laboratories for over 100 pesticides, heavy metals, aflatoxins, bacteria and microbials. MedReleaf has never been subject to a recall or investigation and the Company uses only products approved by Health Canada.

To further demonstrate our leadership on the issue MedReleaf will soon begin to provide our patients with access to a simplified Certificate of Analysis (CoA) representing all products being sold.

We occasionally offer products that have been irradiated as well always offering products that have not. Some of our products have been treated by gamma irradiation in order to be suited for our immunosuppressed patients. Gamma irradiation is safe and is widely used for sterilization of prescription pharmaceuticals, food, and medical supplies. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes irradiation as a safe way of reducing levels of organisms that cause food borne illnesses. Furthermore, health authorities in at least 39 countries including Canada, the US, Australia and numerous European Community member countries have approved irradiation for different foods ranging from spices to grain to chicken to fruits and vegetables. The irradiation process is performed in an ISO certified sterilization facility licensed by Health Canada, and in full compliance with the relevant Health Canada and US FDA regulations. Each and every product that has gone through this process is clearly labeled with the icon below, both on our online shop and on the product packaging. MedReleaf does not irradiate all of its products.

All of our cannabis is grown at our state-of-the-art facility in Markham, Ontario. We expect to also start producing at our new Bradford facility very soon.

Yes, you may purchase different varieties in one order, however, you must order a minimum of 5 grams of any individual variety.

Tikun Olam is an Israeli innovator in the field of medical cannabis with decades of clinical research and testing. Our exclusive partnership has allowed us to introduce their unique varieties and accumulated experience to the Canadian market. We are the only source of Tikun Olam’s exclusive varieties outside of Israel.

You can order as much as your doctor prescribes for you — however, Health Canada restricts us to shipping no more than 150 grams in any single order.

We will charge sales taxes based on your respective province of residence.

The first order every 30 days will be shipped for free and additional orders in that same 30 day period will be charged at a flat rate. Click here to find out more about all of our convenient shipping options.

Our primary method of shipping is via Canada Post Xpresspost. A signature from an individual over the age of 18 will be required at the time of delivery. You can have your medication delivered to your home, your Health Care Practitioner’s office (should they agree), or to your nearest Canada Post location. You may alternatively choose to ship your package via Purolator for an additional charge. The option to choose your preferred method of shipping will be provided each time you place an order.

Ordering MedReleaf cannabis extracts works exactly like ordering dried cannabis. Simply choose the product(s) you want from the online shop and add it to your cart. All products selected – both dried cannabis and extracts – will be visible in your cart at checkout.

We have adopted an easy-to-use equivalence factor of 5 to 1. Quite simply, this means that each 40 ml bottle of MedReleaf cannabis oil counts as 10 grams of your monthly allowance as prescribed by your Health Care Practitioner.

Each container of MedReleaf cannabis oil softgels counts as 5 grams of your monthly allowance as prescribed by your Health Care Practitioner.

Each bottle of MedReleaf cannabis oil comes with its own dropper marked with dose amounts in milliliters (ml) integrated right into the cap of the bottle. Squeeze the measured amount under your tongue and let the oil rest there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. The longer you hold the oil under your tongue, the better.

When first trying MedReleaf THC-rich cannabis oil we highly recommend starting with a dose no greater than 0.25 ml. This 0.25 ml will deliver between 6-7 mg of THC. Be sure to increase dose amounts in very small increments.

  • It will likely take 45-90 minutes before you begin to feel the effects.
  • The peak effects of ingested cannabis are often not achieved for up to 2 hours.
  • Effects can be felt for up to 6-8 hours.

Health Canada has mandated a maximum concentration of 3% weight/volume, or 30mg THC/mL of oil, which is why a carrier oil is required.

A unique version of Sunflower oil has been carefully chosen at MedReleaf as the carrier base for our cannabis oils for three reasons:

  • Our sunflower oil is essentially tasteless, and therefore does not mask or modify the natural taste of our pure extracts
  • Our sunflower oil is rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats
  • Our Sunflower oil is not a GMO product. The natural genetics are maintained as nature intended

No. Unfortunately the unique formulation is meant only for oral ingestion. Do not try to use it in a vape-pen or vaporizer.

You may travel within Canada provided that you keep your documentation with you at all times. All international travel is prohibited.

There are a number of holistic ways to consume cannabis – vaporization is an excellent way to experience the benefits.

A growing list of insurance plans cover medical cannabis and suggest contracting your insurance company to obtain up-to-date information or ask if they will cover it. Cannabis is covered, by law, under Healthcare Spending Accounts (HCSA) and is also tax deductible.

Our product packaging has a personal patient label similar to that of traditional prescription medication. This label should be used as proof that you are permitted to possess cannabis. As a MedReleaf patient, you will also receive a Patient Identification Card, which should be kept with you as a support document.