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The Art of Cultivation, The Science of Cannabis

We pledge to set the industry standard for quality assurance and product consistency and to enhance the understanding and effectiveness of our cannabis products.

Our 55,000 sq. ft. growing facility, proprietary plant breeding programs and genetic research and development initiatives represent the latest innovations in horticultural science and advanced growing methodologies.


Advanced Growing Systems

From the type and intensity of the lighting chosen, to the meticulously calibrated and carefully monitored computerized air exchange systems, our highly experienced master growers bring more than 100 years of combined medical cannabis growing experience.

Quality Assurance Leadership

Our Quality Assurance team is focused on bringing pharmaceutical and hospital standards to Canadian medical cannabis patients. Our operating protocols exceed all Health Canada (MMPR) mandated standards, and we are constantly seeking to push the bar higher. Our commitment to leadership in Quality Assurance is supported by our numerous scientific collaborations that bring academia and industry together, thereby enhancing product evaluation methodologies and research capacity. These strategic alliances generate a more robust knowledge of our products, and will lead to many new product offerings.

MedReleaf is also the first and only medical cannabis producer in Canada to be officially certified as an ISO 9001:2008 company. ISO 9001:2008 is an international standard of requirements for Quality Management System (QMS), and recognizes superior levels of quality in both products and services.


Our entire production system and processes have been designed by our in-house experts. Our plants are small batch-harvested, and carefully trimmed by hand. Each of our unique varieties has a finishing schedule that has been customized based on the genetics and characteristics of that plant’s specific genetics.

Our Exclusive Lockable Containers

At MedReleaf, we believe that it is important to help our patients safeguard their medication and to keep it out of unwanted or unauthorized hands. As a result, we are proud to introduce our exclusive, patent-pending, lockable cannabis containers that have been engineered to help protect your family and friends by keeping your cannabis under only your control.

Research & Development

We are proud to be part of the growing field of medical cannabis research. The discovery of the existence and role of the endocannabinoid system in the human body has revealed new treatment possibilities across a wide spectrum of diseases and conditions. Our internal team of research scientists and experienced plant geneticists are developing new strains of cannabis designed to address specific symptoms, thereby creating new treatment protocols for a greater quality of life.

To learn more about our medical research projects please click below.