Our Oil Products

Avidekel Oil container


Oil produced from CBD rich varieties. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound.

Midnight Oil container


Oil produced from CBD/THC balanced varieties. Provides benefits of both THC and CBD.

Alaska Oil container



Strain specific oil produced from premium Sativa varieties.

Sedamen Oil container



Strain specific oil produced from premium Indica varieties.

MedReleaf Topical Cream container

Topical Cream 

MedReleaf Topical Cream has been specially designed to work with MedReleaf CBD oils to meet your individual needs.

Cannabis Oil Information & Dosing Guide

Cannabis Oil Information & Dosing Guide

Patient Dosing Journal

Patient Dosing Journal

THC and CBD Content

Medicinal Cannabis Oil

Equivalency Factor

Each 50 ml bottle of MedReleaf cannabis oil counts as 10 grams of your 30-day allowance as prescribed by your physician

As part of our regular product review, we updated the equivalency factor from 5g to 10g to more accurately reflect the dried cannabis equivalency of our oil products. Health Canada approved this update. For more information on how this change might affect you, please call or email our Patient Care Team.

Dosing Guidelines

Below are recommendations for first-time users. Always remember to follow the directions of your physician, and to “start low and be patient”.

We highly recommend starting with a dose no greater than 0.2 ml of MedReleaf’s THC rich cannabis oils (Indica, Sativa).This 0.2 ml will deliver approximately 5 mg of THC. Be sure to increase dose amounts in small increments.

We recommend a starting dose of 1 ml for the CBD rich AvidekelMR oil which will deliver approximately 25 mg of CBD.

A recommended starting dose for MidnightMR THC + CBD balanced oil is 0.5 ml, which will deliver approximately 5 mg of THC and 6 mg of CBD.

How to Administer
MedReleaf Cannabis Oil

Each bottle of MedReleaf cannabis oil comes with its own dropper marked with dose amounts in milliliters (ml). Squeeze the measured amount under your tongue and let the oil rest there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.

Cannabis extracts are fat soluble, so try to take it with a small snack to promote absorption. An empty stomach may minimize the effects.

*effects vary on an individual basis

MedReleaf Cannabis Oil container and dropper